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Air Freight

Air freight transportation is a fast and efficient shipping method that is particularly valuable to businesses needing to get products to international customers quickly or stay on track with a just-in-time manufacturing model. The primary downside of air shipping is that the cost can be significantly higher than ocean freight forwarding. Fortunately, Quality Shipping Services can help lower this cost while also providing exceptional customer support.

QSS is proud to be an agent for all major airlines. We offer a complete package of air freight services through our global network of experienced professionals and innovative technology. Our suite of air freight services save customers the challenge of facilitating multiple carriers and sifting through laborious and often confusing customs documents

Quality Shipping Services has no interest in being a high-volume, one-model-fits-all provider. Our clients are not just numbers, and every shipment is given the individual attention to detail it requires. While many larger air freight forwarders are bound by consolidation schedules, we are able to offer greater flexibility for our clients and their cargo.


TSA-Approved Indirect Air Carriers

Indirect Air Carriers are required to implement a rigorous security program that meets TSA standards, and Quality Shipping Services has met that requirement through their services providers. As a result, we are able to work with passenger planes to transport cargo, which can be significantly less expensive than shipping with a freighter plane.

Hazardous Containers & Dangerous Goods

Any products that might endanger the safety of people onboard an aircraft are considered 'Dangerous Goods' by the IATA. These items include lithium batteries, certain types of fuel cells, and infectious substances (such as virus samples being used in medical research). Quality Shipping Services closely working with Dangerous Goods-certified agents from the IATA, allowing us to work out safe shipping methods for any items that may be considered dangerous goods.

The Choice of Daily Consolidation or Direct Services

We can consolidate your air freight with other companies' freight in order to give you a lower cost shipping option, but we can also provide direct services for your freight only. This second option is ideal for larger shipments or shipments that need to get to their destination as soon as possible.

Air Charter Services for Time-Sensitive Shipments

When you require the exclusive use of a plane to move an urgent shipment, Quality Shipping Services can quickly negotiate an air charter for you. With our strong attention to individual clients, you won't have to worry about your charter request getting lost in the shuffle.

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